Monday, January 30, 2012

Sidney and SPML

Today we are going to hear about SPML from the perspective of a 13 year old girl. Sidney has cerebral palsy and recently underwent SPML with Dr Yngve. Sidney's family heard about this surgery from her physical therapist.
Why did you decide to try it?
Well.. being only 13, I don't think I I had much of a choice!
How old was your child when s/he started this treatment/received this surgery, etc?
Please share some of the changes (good and bad) you saw in your child:
Good: I can straighten my knee almost all the way! Walking on my heel much better. 
Bad: My heel hurts badly when I walk (Right now I have a cast on). Temporarily worse balance impairment.
Would you recommend it to someone in a similar situation?
What do you wish you had known when you were making the decision to try it out?
The heel soreness.
Please share some of the details of your experiences, past or present. By sharing, we are a support system to each other as we each try to navigate through the special needs world!
Had all three palaces done in my right leg (ankle, knee, and groin area) Pain isn't that bad. But muscle spasms last a little bit longer. Heel pain is really the worst of it all. The four weeks I have to wear a cast are uncomfortable, but bearable. I have to wear a knee splint for at least a month while sleeping. 
For the first 2 days it was really hard to walk because of soreness, so to go long distances, I was in a wheelchair. Then for 2 weeks I had my walker that I barely use. Now 2 1/2 weeks after surgery, I walk independently, but balance is greatly impaired for a while (doctor said it was normal) I get my cast off next week.
Sidney, thank you for sharing. I hope you will let us know how it's going in a couple of months, once you've had some time to get used to living without a cast again!

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